Still here. Still writing.

Still working on my second novel.

Plugging through National Novel Writing Month. Trying to be honest and only log the actual new words I write for this second novel (title undetermined at this point.) Consequently, at two thirds through the month, I have less than 12,000 words. It’s more than I started with and there will be more before it’s all over. My main priority is to finish the month with a solid idea of where the entire story arc is heading. And that I have accomplished, or almost so.

Another bonus accomplishment this month. I have removed obligations from my life that do not inspire me, or my writing. I am moving on and writing on!

So it begins again

Over and over I make a pledge to myself. Not to you because I don’t even know if there will be any yous out there. But I pledge to myself to write. Why is it so hard for me to keep this pledge? Does not a mark, permeant, on my skin declare “I write”?

So I should do that, if nothing else than to NOT make myself a liar-to myself.

So it begins again today. I will write.





Still here

It’s almost frightening the amount of good writing news I’ve had lately.

  • Knowing When to Leave awarded the silver medal in the 2018 florida Books Awards Young Adult Category
  • Death and an Abscess won 3rd place in the WOW Women on Writng Creative Non-fiction essay contest.
  • Anne McKee Artist Fund grant to help with professional editing for draft of When the Time Comes (Knowing when to Leave Book 2.)
  • Awarded the 2019 Richard Heyman award for Literary Excellence by the Anne McKee Artist Fund.
  • Fellowship to attend the Martha’s vineyard Institute of Creative Writing in June based upon my short story Keep Quiet, and Everything will Be Okay.

Daily, I am shocked, honored and grateful. Then I recall 2016 when I was rejected for absolutely everything I applied for. Then I go back to write and apply more.

Rejection is relative.

Can I admit I am struggling?

I do not know what to do or where to go with novel #2. I have 40,000 words in some order but not much punctuation or paragraphs. I’ve been working on the first five pages, of one section-there will be other first five pages coming–but I hesitate to show it to anyone yet.

Part of the problem is my physical space-where to physically be while writing? I have no room of my own. I do not even have a table all to myself. Is that an excuse? Or is my head just fogged with this congestion? throat sore, nose running, head swimming. Maybe I could cut myself a break…?

Write on-after rest!

February writing part 1

After taking an amazing workshop with Jennifer Brody I am back excitedly working on When the Time Comes (Knowing When to Leave Book 2).

I’ve also stepped up my submissions since January 1st, I have six pieces out for consideration. Actually, make that five since I received my first rejection of 2019 yesterday, from Glimmer Train. You can’t win if you don’t play. So I will be resubmitting “The Line” somewhere else this week.

Write on Kristina!